Bikers Guide to Ohio - A Day On The Lake: Featuring The Big Muskie Bucket

Bikers Guide to Ohio - A Day On The Lake

Featuring The Big Muskie Bucket

Ohio is a beautiful state and offers thrilling riding experiences statewide. We will be publishing these riders' guides, offering route suggestions and stops along the way. 

We hope that publishing these guides will help take some of the work out of planning your next ride, so you can spend more time doing the thing you love.

This week, we talked about the beautiful stretch of the road roughly between Rokeby Lock, Ohio, and Senecaville, Ohio.

This ride is approximately 74 miles. We recommend it for intermediate riders who are comfortable spending a bit more time on the road. But, as always, these are just suggestions, and we encourage you to exercise your freedom to get out and explore these areas. Live for the Ride, Ride To Live. 

This ride starts at Jesse Owens State Park - Maple Grove Campground. You can camp out here overnight, so you are ready to ride first thing in the morning if you wish. Next, you can ride just south to the Big Muskie Bucket; it's a local attraction that provides a great photo opportunity. 

Big Muskie's Bucket was once the world's largest earth-moving machine. Today a ginormous metal bucket remains. It was built in 1996 and could move over 30 Million pounds of rock every hour. There is an excellent article on Roadside America that can give all the details on this iconic stop, so you can seem like the smartest biker your buddies know. 

After your stop there, you can ride along OH-78 and then follow along OH-83 N. Enjoying fun curving roads. There are many various campgrounds and rest stops along the way if you need to hop off for a couple of minutes. 

Once you reach Cumberland, turn right and follow OH-146 up to Pleasant City. Here you can either turn onto Main street and cruise the town or turn up onto Marietta Road and skip the traffic. There's a terrific little ice cream place called Dolan's Chill & Grill that you can stop at if you go down the main street. 

Either way, you are going to cruise to OH-313 and then turn right, heading east. After a few minutes, you should reach the town of Buffalo and reach your next fun spot. 

Wagon Wheel Bar & Grill

They've got some great American food to ease your appetite. Lots of people say this is one of the can't miss hidden gems in the area. 

Feeling in the mood for something else? Then, you can turn back onto OH-313 and stop at Cid's Smokehouse Grill a few miles down the road. 

Keep riding along OH-313 until you reach Seneca Lake. Here you can keep going straight to the Marina and spend the day fishing, kayaking, canoeing, or even Pontooning. All are available for rent affordably on their website; check it out here. There are lots of options for a great afternoon of fun. This beautiful park is a local highlight and serves as an excellent opportunity to relax and enjoy the beautiful state of Ohio. 

After you've finished enjoying the lake, Grab some food at the Dockside Restaurant @ Seneca Lake Marina. It’s a great place to eat overlooking the lake, plus they’ve got a great Ice Cream Shop located there. Then you can retrace your steps back to the campground. 

Bonus Tip: Want a bit longer ride? Go south along OH-574 S and OH-285 S towards Cadwell. You can visit Wolf Run State Park or see some of the great stops in Cadwell, Ohio.